Plastic bender IC-100

Material thickness:

from 0,4 to 6 mm
Radius: from 0,2 to 5 mm
Working width: 1300 mm and 2200 mm

Suitable for all thermoplastic materials such as acetylates, styrene, polycarbonate, PETG, acrylic glass,

polystyrene, PVC, etc.

As we have developed these machines, we took requirements and ideas from our plastic production into

account. The temperature display and the lined end stop allow results to be repeated and eliminate the need for timeconsuming experimentation.


  • Working widths of 1300 and 2200 mm
  • Water resistant and scratch-proof surface
  • Side limit and endstop
  • Digital temperature display
  • Temperature is infinitely adjustable
  • Heating wire is adjustable from - 8 to 20 mm
  • Plastics can be heat sealed to a certain extent


IC 100-1300 mm

Detachable end stop from 12 to 300 mm

Dimensions: W 1500 x L 630 x H 250 mm

Weight: 21 kg

230 V 50 HZ 230-360 W



Dimensions: W 2390 x L 630 x H 250 mm

Weight: 39 kg

230 V 50 HZ 230-900 W

Manufacturer i-concept. Made in Germany

Manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001




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