Plastic bender IC-3

Material thickness:

from 0,2 to 1,5 mm
Working width: 650 mm and 1300 mm

Foil-Welding up to 2 mm!

Plastic bending machine IC-3 for all thermoplastic materials.  


Material thicknesses from 0.2 mm to 1.5 mm can be processed, up to a width of 650 or 1300 mm.  


Due to the extremely fast heating from both sides and the pressing of the heating strips, the material hardly deforms and produces perfectly straight bending results.

For 0.3 mm PVC a heating time of only 0.4 seconds is sufficient, for 0.8 mm PVC only 0.9 seconds. 


Thanks to the end stop, the edges are always exactly the same. Dimensional tolerances of less than 0.05mm can be achieved.


The heating time can be set in steps of 0.01 seconds. Adjustable cooling time for welding foils.



  • IC-3 - 650 mm
  • IC-3 - 1300 mm



  • End Stop: from 3 to 420 mm
  • Foot Switch
  • Counter



PVC 0,2 mm – 1,5 mm
PETG 0,2 mm – 1,5 mm
Lexan® PC up to 1,0 mm
PS 0,3 mm – 1,5 mm

Manufacturer: i-concept. Made in Germany.

Manufactured acc. ISO 9001


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